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NEAR Protocol is a scalable, developer-friendly platform for creating decentralized applications.

Before we begin, it will be helpful to have a general understanding of:

The quickest way to get started is by coding in NEAR studio, our fully hosted IDE. Take a look at our Near Studio walkthrough.

If you want to build locally, take a look at:

Looking to start writing smart contracts? Take a look at:


The Tutorials section contains several tutorials which will help you learn how to build, test and deploy smart contracts.

We recommend you start with the Zero to Hero tutorial which will show you how to save complex data structures to the blockchain, and bridge on-chain and off-chain services.

Client API

The Client API section contains documentation for the NEARLib.js library.

Support & Community

If you have any questions about NEAR, you can get direct access to the team behind it and other members of the community through Discord.