Let's walkthrough the NEAR Studio IDE to better understand its functionality.

The easiest way to get started is with our fully hosted IDE environment. We have a number of pre-built templates which you can use as starter apps.

Create and run a project

  1. Go to NEAR Studio and select the "Counter Smart Contract" template and then click "Create".

  2. Click "Run" to see the app running!

The app will open in a new window.

Environment: The smart contract for this are deployed to the main TestNet while the front end is deployed to our hosted site.

Navigating the file structure

To better understand the project directory of a standard NEAR project, and to learn about the files you'll normally be editing, take a look at our NEAR Project File Structure deep dive.

Writing the smart contract

For documentation on how to get started writing and calling smart contract functions, take a look here:

Useful interactions with Studio

  • The "Test" button will run the JavaScript tests that are described in the src/test.js file.

  • The "Run" button will deploy your front end (everything in the src/ folder) to our hosted service on It's similar to Github Pages.

    • Share the URL with someone else and they will be able to interact with your application. Make sure to remember the trailing /

  • The "Fork" button will duplicate the existing code in a new page with a new URL. If you don't want to lose the old URL, copy/paste it somewhere.

Try the block explorer / debugger

Once you have tested out the NEAR Studio IDE, check out the Block Explorer (aka Debugger).

Navigate to in your browser to see information on specific blocks and transactions from those blocks. This is a useful tool when you are trying to debug your contracts.

Another very useful tool is to open up your console's JavaScript console, where you will be able to print logs and errors.