Quick start

Last updated 2 days ago

A quick start manual

There are several options for quick start, depending on what you are trying to do:

  1. Easy: Build your first application in the NEAR Studio IDE

  2. Intermediate: Use NEAR with an existing front-end

  3. Advanced: Build and run a local DevNet node

  4. Expert: Build and run a local multi-node AlphaNet

We have 3 development environments currently available:

  1. Local DevNet: You run this node in your local environment.

  2. Hosted DevNet: NEAR hosts a single-node DevNet in the cloud. This is currently the default pointed to by our online Studio IDE, Block Explorer and Wallet.

  3. Hosted AlphaNet: NEAR hosts a multi-node AlphaNet in the cloud.

Blocks on the DevNets are not produced continuously -- they are only created when needed (so you can't necessarily rely on them for timing purposes).

Quick reference: Link to the Hackathon Quickstart Vagrant box